Websites - You have to be in it to win it

Yet it is estimated that 55% of all businesses don't have a website.

People are now stopping using Yellow Pages to search for products and services and are using the internet instead to find a product on a website. Search engines now make searching for a product or service on a website very easy. This means that if your business is not on the web and you don't have a website then people won't find you and you lose potential customers.

A computing veteran, Satish has been writing computer software since 1968, working with PCs since 1981 and involved directly with the Internet since 1995.

He has been designing and building websites since 2003.

Satish has vast experience and he believes in keeping it simple. You, as the customer, are the most important person - if you want something on your website then Satish will do his best to make sure it’s included.

Low price doesn't mean low quality.

Satish's experience in designing and building exactly what you want is gained from his many years of working as a Business and Systems Analyst.

You will get your site built quickly - usually within a week - providing you can supply text, testimonials, pictures and your prices.

Your websites will be built for a very competitive price. You are busy and all the work is done for you - all the mystery of having a presence on the internet is taken out for you.

You are involved in designing your website (or just give us your ideas) and a prototype is developed for you, a domain name can be registered for you (if you don't have one). We build a prototype and check if you are happy for us to continue and we then build your website. We test that everything works and then publish it for you to our(or your) hosting site.

Why would you chose us?

We build websites for a very competitive price. We do all the work for you and we take out all the mystery.

We come and discuss and design your website with you. You are involved as we appreciate your input and it helps us to develop what you want.

A prototype is built and we check if you are happy for us to continue.

The website is tested to ensure that everything works and is then published to our(or your) hosting site.

Prices from $399 plus cost of domain name and hosting. For $600 you could be on the internet! Ecommerce sites costs from $1600. Or Work on your website for $50 per hour